Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve

Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve, Rajasthan Park

Forest surrounding the Jawai Bandh was declared a leopard conservation reserve as decreed by the government on 23 February 2010.
Today, this place is gaining popularity because of the growing wildlife, it is not just a habitat for leopards, it is also home to several species of migratory birds, crocodiles, sloth bears, chinkara, and wolves. With this syncretic wildlife, Jawai gives you a lot to see and it makes your visit to place an ethereal experience.

That’s because of its unique tract that is different from all the forest reserves in India. In this region, you see animals dwelling in the caves instead of dense forests.

In every other leopard reserve in the country, these big cats take shelter in the trees. But Jawai is not the typical jungle that we visit usually, it gives you a range of granite hills along with a river.

These geographical features make this place a perfect spot for doing photography and capturing the wildlife in open without any obstacles. It becomes an ideal destination for thrill-seekers, bird-watchers, and wildlife photographers. Especially between the months of September and March, this place is brimming with all kinds of and there is way probability of spotting leopards, crocodiles, and all the other animals.

However, when it comes to spotting leopards, Jawai doesn’t limit it only for a few months. Here, you can spot them at any time, irrespective of the season or climate. Usually, in the other forest reserves, you are suggested to visit in the winter because that’s when big cats come out in open more often to bask in the sun so it is easy to spot in the daylight. In this particular region, leopards and other animals dwell in the caves in granite hills. The rocks get hot in the summer and it is hard for the leopards to stay inside them in the day time.

List Of Hotels

  • The Jawai Nature Hills
  • Jawai Gateway
  • Jungle View Resort
  • The Jawai Bera Leopard Camp
  • The Amritara Jawai Sagar
  • The Aravali Nature Camp

  • Sena Safari Camps
  • Thour Nature Resorts
  • The Jawai Nature Stay
  • Jawai Leopard Safari Lodge
  • Varawal Leopard Camp
  • Ranthambhore Nature Camp
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