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We at The Tiger Travels promise to give you a glimpse of the Indian Wilderness at its very best.
We have multiple tie-ups with major national parks around the country, our team is dedicated to providing you a wildlife experience that is adventurous as well as comfortable. Not only do we provide safaris of all kinds around these national parks, The Tiger Travels also provides you with accomodation needs, sighseeing options and lots more.

Our team is focused on ensuring your comfort, safety and convenience. Wildlife has always been our passion and who so ever works with passion , will always provide you with the best. Having travelled to all these National parks , we know the kind of difficulties a tourist might face and having experienced all that, we prepare your tour and itnenary in a way that our guests need not worry about anything and enjoy their trip to the fullest.
Let's have some fun in the Wild !!!!!

Our Services

What services do we provide ?

With a dedicated team who are wildlife professionals and enthusiasts , we provide you the finest experience with the following services

Jungle Safaris

The most unique way to experience is the wilderness - it's Flora and Fauna is by the way of a Jungle Safari. Jungle Safaris can be experienced in 2 ways at National parks in India. A Gypsy and a Canter.

Gypsy - The most preferred way in which a tourist likes to explore the forest in an open Gypsy. A Gypsy can Accomodate upto 6 guests which are accompanied by a forest guide and a Gypsy driver. Some parks provide you the option of choosing the number of seats you want in a Gypsy while in some parks , a tourist has to take the complete Gypsy.
Canter - A Canter is like an open mini bus which is 20 seater and accompanied by a forest guide and the Canter driver .Guests have the option to choose the number of seats they want.

River Safari’s

River Safari - Along with the Jungle Safaris in Ranthambhore, we also provide you the unique experience of a river safari at The Chambal Gharial Sanctuary which is 45 kms from Ranthambhore.

Guests will come across varieties of River and Avian Fauna during their river safari. The river fauna includes - Gharial or the long beaked alligator , Crocodiles, Otters and Turtles. Avian Fauna includes migratory birds such as Flamingo, Crane, Rudyshell Ducks , Swans and local birds such as Lapwing , Haron , Kingfisher , Sparrows and lots more.

Village Walks

These walks will take you through the adjoining villages and introduce you to the rural, rustic and peaceful life beyond the hustle-bustle of cities. You get to interact with the local communities and gain tremendous traditional knowledge on their lifestyle, history, culture besides learning more about the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscape. Also, note that these walks are of different levels of difficulty, from easy to moderate, and can be tuned to your needs and preference.

High Tea Setups

With High tea, you get an experience that is unmatched as compared to many other activities. You get to feel the serenity while having a sip of tea. The view of the setting sun from a mountain top , the taste combined with the ambience gives you one of the most joyous and memorable experiences.


Hiking is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Transported by your own two feet and carrying only what you need for the day on your back, you can discover the beauty of nature at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. And, with a little planning and preparation, it’s an activity that almost anyone can do.

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